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Jan 18, 2021

One Race, One Body, One Blood. Special guests Darrell Harrison and Virgil Walker from the Just Thinking Podcast join Cooper Stuff for this absolutely FIRE episode. We talk about “race”; reconciliation; what’s the way forward? Darrell and Virgil turn some pages of the Bible to explain the great news of the...

Jan 15, 2021

Are we ready to count it pure joy to go through trials? Cultural censorship from big tech, media, big business may come crashing down on us. Get ready.

Jan 11, 2021

Beth Moore, Christian Nationalism, Trumpism, American Exceptionalism, and Progressive Christianity. This week Cooper Stuff discusses Beth Moore’s December tweets and the various definitions of these philosophies; also how political progressivism can lead to theological progressivism.

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Jan 9, 2021

The events of the week have shown us that we need to prepare for whats coming. Censorship, rewriting history, and radical conformity. Get ready!