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Aug 10, 2020

And justice for all! Today we talk about the issue of justice and taking care of the poor, why I think we should be careful not to let good intentions taint our theology, and a brief critique of Tim Keller’s article on biblical justice.

Aug 3, 2020

Busy week: John MacArthur defies CA, arguments about biblical justice and love regarding masks, opening schools debate. Cooper Stuff talks about the goals of modern humanism, God’s agenda for the glory of His own great name, and the simplicity of living out Bible truth through sanctification.

Jul 20, 2020

Cooper stuff coins the phrase Woke Mysticism, why there are no objective answers for our current problems, theories about institutional racism that were considered fringe are brought into the mainstream with help from The National Museum for African American History and Culture, how this affects the gospel
Why there are...

Jul 13, 2020

Cancel culture is coming for everybody, Christians need to wake up! CA bans singing in Church, JK Rowlings wants to cancel cancel culture, and too many Christians try to meet social justice warriors half way.

Jun 29, 2020

How we can have unity through a biblical understanding of race and relationship, and the power of the Spirit that changes us from the inside out.